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2315 Top Flop 1787
Last NameLastChange
THE CRYPTO COMPAN.. USD  73.25 End-of-day quote.171.30%
TESORO ENTERPRISE.. USD  0.1081 Delayed Quote.161.62%
KENSINGTON CAPITA.. USD  37 Delayed Quote.57.45%
ALPINE 4 TECHNOLO.. USD  0.4273 Delayed Quote.53.91%
ALLIED CORP. USD  1.23 Delayed Quote.53.75%
LOVE INTERNATIONA.. USD  0.1 Delayed Quote.-89.13%
GAMEPLAN, INC. USD  0.075 Delayed Quote.-48.28%
ACRO BIOMEDICAL C.. USD  3.25 Delayed Quote.-33.67%
HYFLUX LTD USD  0.07 Delayed Quote.-30.00%
SUNDANCE STRATEGI.. USD  3 Delayed Quote.-28.57%
371 Top Flop 337
Last NameLastChange
SCORE MEDIA AND G.. CAD  1.42 Delayed Quote.44.90%
NGEX MINERALS LTD.. CAD  0.66 Delayed Quote.32.00%
QUEEN'S ROAD CAPI.. CAD  0.57 Delayed Quote.31.03%
VALEO PHARMA INC. CAD  1.15 Delayed Quote.26.37%
TITAN MEDICAL INC.. CAD  1.56 Delayed Quote.24.80%
BUTTE ENERGY INC. CAD  0.205 Delayed Quote.-18.00%
PHARMACIELO LTD. CAD  1.54 Delayed Quote.-12.00%
BARSELE MINERALS .. CAD  0.62 Delayed Quote.-11.43%
OPSENS INC. CAD  1.08 Delayed Quote.-8.47%
NANOXPLORE INC. CAD  3.36 Delayed Quote.-8.45%
2 Top Flop 2
Last NameLastChange
CYDSA, S.A.B. DE .. MXN  21.5 End-of-day quote.2.38%
INTERNACIONAL DE .. MXN  38.5 End-of-day quote.1.45%
COCA-COLA FEMSA S.. MXN End-of-day quote.0.00%
ACCEL, S.A.B. DE .. MXN  18 End-of-day quote.0.00%
CORPORATIVO FRAGU.. MXN  240 End-of-day quote.0.00%
COX ENERGY AMÉRIC.. MXN  31.8 End-of-day quote.-3.34%
GRUPO FINANCIERO .. MXN  9.4 End-of-day quote.-2.39%
COCA-COLA FEMSA S.. MXN End-of-day quote.0.00%
ACCEL, S.A.B. DE .. MXN  18 End-of-day quote.0.00%
CORPORATIVO FRAGU.. MXN  240 End-of-day quote.0.00%
435 Top Flop 513
Last NameLastChange
ULS TECHNOLOGY PL.. GBX  79 Delayed Quote.29.93%
TREMOR INTERNATIO.. GBX  294 Delayed Quote.27.83%
LOOPUP GROUP PLC GBX  88.3999 Delayed Quote.13.33%
EQTEC PLC GBX  0.84 Delayed Quote.12.00%
EURASIA MINING PL.. GBX  35.15 Delayed Quote.11.23%
XEROS TECHNOLOGY .. GBX  175 Delayed Quote.-12.06%
NORTHERN 2 VCT PL.. GBX  44 Delayed Quote.-11.11%
GLOBAL PORTS HOLD.. GBX  105 Delayed Quote.-10.26%
TRACKWISE DESIGNS.. GBX  229 Delayed Quote.-9.13%
SUPPLY@ME CAPITAL.. GBX  0.3702 Delayed Quote.-7.45%
88 Top Flop 83
Last NameLastChange
LECLANCHÉ SA CHF  1.115 Delayed Quote.16.39%
MEIER TOBLER GROU.. CHF  12.7 Delayed Quote.10.43%
DOTTIKON ES HOLDI.. CHF  1850 Delayed Quote.10.12%
COMET HOLDING AG CHF  173.6 Delayed Quote.5.98%
STARRAG GROUP HOL.. CHF  40.6 Delayed Quote.5.73%
U-BLOX HOLDING AG CHF  64.25 Delayed Quote.-4.03%
GLARNER KANTONALB.. CHF  29.8 Delayed Quote.-3.87%
SEG SUISSE ESTATE.. CHF  2.7 Delayed Quote.-3.57%
LANDIS+GYR GROUP .. CHF  66.85 Delayed Quote.-3.40%
SCHAFFNER HOLDING.. CHF  200 Delayed Quote.-3.38%
199 Top Flop 138
Last NameLastChange
MAGFORCE AG EUR  4.7 Delayed Quote.21.13%
SLM SOLUTIONS GRO.. EUR  16.4 Delayed Quote.12.33%
TECHNOTRANS SE EUR  27.2 Delayed Quote.11.48%
BITCOIN GROUP SE EUR  36.25 Delayed Quote.10.35%
SILTRONIC EUR  123.55 Delayed Quote.8.81%
HASEN-IMMOBILIEN .. EUR  220 Delayed Quote.-11.29%
ENAPTER AG EUR  41.6 Delayed Quote.-9.17%
CORESTATE CAPITAL.. EUR  16.81 Delayed Quote.-8.89%
PHARMASGP HOLDING.. EUR  25 Delayed Quote.-8.09%
KION GROUP AG EUR  65.82 Delayed Quote.-6.11%
159 Top Flop 183
Last NameLastChange
GAUSSIN SA EUR  9.5 Real-time Quote.29.68%
METABOLIC EXPLORE.. EUR  2.27 Real-time Quote.14.07%
GLOBAL BIOENERGIE.. EUR  5.7 Real-time Quote.14.00%
GENSIGHT BIOLOGIC.. EUR  7.7 Real-time Quote.10.32%
HYBRIGENICS EUR  0.233 Real-time Quote.9.91%
VOGO EUR  11.6 Real-time Quote.-10.77%
FINATIS EUR  18 Real-time Quote.-9.55%
EUROPCAR MOBILITY.. EUR  0.9255 Real-time Quote.-7.45%
ALCHIMIE EUR  14.55 Real-time Quote.-7.32%
NANOBIOTIX EUR  12.92 Real-time Quote.-6.10%
33 Top Flop 51
Last NameLastChange
UNIFIEDPOST GROUP.. EUR  21.5 Delayed Quote.8.15%
NYRSTAR NV EUR  0.583 Delayed Quote.5.81%
ASCENCIO EUR  49 Delayed Quote.3.92%
SHURGARD SELF-STO.. EUR  35.35 Delayed Quote.3.67%
MOURY CONSTRUCT S.. EUR  185 Delayed Quote.2.78%
ROULARTA MEDIA GR.. EUR  14.2 Delayed Quote.-6.27%
CENERGY HOLDINGS .. EUR  1.598 Delayed Quote.-6.11%
VIOHALCO S.A. EUR  3.565 Delayed Quote.-4.68%
COMPAGNIE D'ENTRE.. EUR  74 Delayed Quote.-2.89%
XIOR STUDENT HOUS.. EUR  49.05 Delayed Quote.-2.87%
34 Top Flop 41
Last NameLastChange
DPA GROUP N.V. EUR  1.39 Delayed Quote.9.02%
LUCAS BOLS N.V. EUR  9.3 Delayed Quote.6.90%
N.V. BEVER HOLDIN.. EUR  4.04 Delayed Quote.6.32%
PHARMING GROUP N... EUR  1.198 Delayed Quote.5.18%
FASTNED B.V. EUR  27 Delayed Quote.4.65%
ABN AMRO BANK N.V.. EUR  8.862 Delayed Quote.-6.70%
ROYAL BAM GROUP N.. EUR  1.838 Delayed Quote.-5.26%
FUGRO N.V. EUR  4.8 Delayed Quote.-4.86%
EUROCOMMERCIAL PR.. EUR  14.6 Delayed Quote.-4.82%
BETER BED HOLDING.. EUR  4.7 Delayed Quote.-4.08%
577 Top Flop 252
Last NameLastChange
NRB BEARINGS LIMI.. INR  88.55 End-of-day quote.16.90%
INDIA TOURISM DEV.. INR  282.35 End-of-day quote.13.76%
VAKRANGEE LIMITED INR  34.75 End-of-day quote.11.74%
KESORAM INDUSTRIE.. INR  48.75 End-of-day quote.11.43%
KIRI INDUSTRIES L.. INR  525.85 End-of-day quote.11.42%
IIFL FINANCE LIMI.. INR  100.2 Delayed Quote.-6.49%
GTL INFRASTRUCTUR.. INR  0.53 End-of-day quote.-5.36%
FUTURE SUPPLY CHA.. INR  107.45 End-of-day quote.-5.00%
GE POWER INDIA LI.. INR  286.6 End-of-day quote.-4.99%
FUTURE LIFESTYLE .. INR  99.05 End-of-day quote.-4.99%
1202 Top Flop 2016
Last NameLastChange
BEIJING HIGHLANDE.. CNY  15.42 End-of-day quote.20.00%
JIANGLONG SHIPBUI.. CNY  38.54 End-of-day quote.19.99%
CHENGDU XILING PO.. CNY  23.89 End-of-day quote.19.99%
XI'AN CHENXI AVIA.. CNY  51.37 End-of-day quote.12.93%
GUANGZHOU HANGXIN.. CNY  22.5 End-of-day quote.12.56%
KANGYUE TECHNOLOG.. CNY  11.3 End-of-day quote.-17.76%
HPF CO.,LTD CNY  6.56 End-of-day quote.-14.36%
SHENZHEN SILVER B.. CNY  8.24 End-of-day quote.-10.04%
JIANGSU ETERN COM.. CNY  6.21 End-of-day quote.-10.00%
SHANDONG DAWN POL.. CNY  23.49 End-of-day quote.-10.00%
571 Top Flop 495
Last NameLastChange
DINGYI GROUP INVE.. HKD  0.089 End-of-day quote.48.33%
NORTHEAST ELECTRI.. HKD  0.63 End-of-day quote.32.63%
CHINA STRATEGIC H.. HKD  0.141 End-of-day quote.28.18%
KIMOU ENVIRONMENT.. HKD  0.79 End-of-day quote.23.44%
SHANGHAI ZENDAI P.. HKD  0.053 End-of-day quote.20.45%
SUN ENTERTAINMENT.. HKD  0.33 End-of-day quote.-15.38%
KONG SUN HOLDINGS.. HKD  0.05 End-of-day quote.-15.25%
ORIENT VICTORY TR.. HKD  0.068 End-of-day quote.-15.00%
MATRIX HOLDINGS L.. HKD  2.5 End-of-day quote.-13.19%
PROSPER CONSTRUCT.. HKD  0.67 End-of-day quote.-12.99%
22 Top Flop 25
Last NameLastChange
HELLENIC COMPANY .. EUR  0.32 Delayed Quote.12.68%
EPSILON NET S.A. EUR  3.54 Delayed Quote.4.73%
ADMIE (IPTO) HOLD.. EUR  2.56 Delayed Quote.4.49%
ATTICA BANK S.A. EUR  0.225 Delayed Quote.3.69%
MERMEREN KOMBINAT.. EUR  48.5 Delayed Quote.3.19%
EUROBANK ERGASIAS.. EUR  0.484 Delayed Quote.-2.79%
PLAISIO COMPUTERS.. EUR  3.58 Delayed Quote.-2.72%
GREEK ORGANISATIO.. EUR  9.39 Delayed Quote.-2.69%
INTERCONTINENTAL .. EUR  6.05 Delayed Quote.-2.42%
PAPOUTSANIS S.A. EUR  2.46 Delayed Quote.-2.38%
46 Top Flop 159
Last NameLastChange
ORIAN SH.M. LTD. ILa  3275 Delayed Quote.11.74%
APOLLO POWER LTD ILa  1477 Delayed Quote.11.39%
ELBIT MEDICAL TEC.. ILa  105 Delayed Quote.6.60%
CLAL INSURANCE EN.. ILa  4349 Delayed Quote.5.28%
DELEK GROUP LTD. ILa  11210 Delayed Quote.4.28%
GINEGAR PLASTIC P.. ILa  1500 Delayed Quote.-12.43%
B COMMUNICATIONS .. ILa  697 Delayed Quote.-9.13%
KARDAN ISRAEL LTD ILa  170.3 Delayed Quote.-8.29%
DIRECT FINANCE OF.. ILa  54330 Delayed Quote.-6.08%
NORSTAR HOLDINGS .. ILa  2038 Delayed Quote.-5.87%
17 Top Flop 21
Last NameLastChange
GULF PHARMACEUTIC.. AED  1.5 End-of-day quote.10.29%
AJMAN BANK AED  0.73 End-of-day quote.3.40%
ARKAN BUILDING MA.. AED  0.78 End-of-day quote.3.31%
SHARJAH ISLAMIC B.. AED  1.22 End-of-day quote.2.52%
DUBAI REFRESHMENT.. AED  10.25 End-of-day quote.2.50%
BANK OF SHARJAH P.. AED  0.727 End-of-day quote.-4.97%
GULF MEDICAL PROJ.. AED  2.22 End-of-day quote.-4.72%
GULF NAVIGATION H.. AED  0.4 End-of-day quote.-3.61%
DXB ENTERTAINMENT.. AED  0.119 End-of-day quote.-3.25%
TAKAFUL EMARAT - .. AED  1.55 End-of-day quote.-3.13%

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