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Top / Flop STIM

DIGITAL WORLD ACQ.. USD  46.9106 Delayed Quote.
CN ENERGY GROUP. .. USD  8.6907 Delayed Quote.
RADIUS HEALTH, IN.. USD  19.1904 Delayed Quote.
FANGDD NETWORK GR.. USD  1.275 Delayed Quote.
TRISTATE CAPITAL .. USD  30.86 Delayed Quote.
SHAPEWAYS HOLDING.. USD  9.586 Delayed Quote.
TROIKA MEDIA GROU.. USD  1.59 Delayed Quote.
X FINANCIAL USD  5.86 Delayed Quote.
PUYI INC. USD  5.82 Delayed Quote.
MDJM LTD USD  4.24 Delayed Quote.
MKANGO RESOURCES .. CAD  0.54 Delayed Quote.
UNITED CORPORATIO.. CAD  114 Delayed Quote.
PARTNERS VALUE IN.. CAD  74 Delayed Quote.
CGX ENERGY INC. CAD  1.23 Delayed Quote.
STANTEC INC. CAD  67.68 Delayed Quote.
SUSTAINABLE INNOV.. CAD  10.56 Delayed Quote.
SHERRITT INTERNAT.. CAD  0.47 Delayed Quote.
EURO SUN MINING I.. CAD  0.355 Delayed Quote.
VICINITY MOTOR CO.. CAD  5.21 Delayed Quote.
QUARTERHILL INC. CAD  2.68 Delayed Quote.
SOURCEBIO INTERNA.. GBX  135 Delayed Quote.
BLACKSTONE LOAN F.. EUR  0.82 Delayed Quote.
JUPITER GREEN INV.. GBX  252 Delayed Quote.
SYSTEM1 GROUP PLC GBX  335 Delayed Quote.
EENERGY GROUP PLC GBX  15.75 Delayed Quote.
MUSICMAGPIE PLC GBX  160 Delayed Quote.
ECKOH PLC GBX  52 Delayed Quote.
CENKOS SECURITIES.. GBX  78 Delayed Quote.
ABERDEEN NEW THAI.. GBX  413 Delayed Quote.
RENTOKIL INITIAL .. GBX  589.6 Delayed Quote.
KHD HUMBOLDT WEDA.. EUR  2.12 Delayed Quote.
SGL CARBON SE EUR  7.8 Delayed Quote.
ROCKET INTERNET S.. EUR  29 End-of-day quote.
INIT INNOVATION I.. EUR  45.8 Delayed Quote.
SIXT SE EUR  149.6 Delayed Quote.
FREQUENTIS AG EUR  23.8 Delayed Quote.
DEUTSCHE BALATON .. EUR  2420 Delayed Quote.
ACTION PRESS AG EUR  1.8 End-of-day quote.
BROCKHAUS TECHNOL.. EUR  22.7 Delayed Quote.
ADVICENNE EUR  9.04 Real-time Quote.
GLOBAL BIOENERGIE.. EUR  5.75 Real-time Quote.
2CRSI EUR  4.37 Real-time Quote.
ESSO S.A.F. EUR  13 Real-time Quote.
AMPLITUDE SURGICA.. EUR  2.17 Real-time Quote.
AXWAY SOFTWARE EUR  26.5 Real-time Quote.
REXEL EUR  16.51 Real-time Quote.
ALCHIMIE EUR  9.33 Real-time Quote.
1000MERCIS EUR  22.5 Real-time Quote.
PATRIMOINE ET COM.. EUR  16.75 Real-time Quote.
CIE AUTOMOTIVE, S.. EUR  23.96 Delayed Quote.
ALANTRA PARTNERS,.. EUR  16.1 Delayed Quote.
FLUIDRA, S.A. EUR  36.5 Delayed Quote.
ENERGÍA, INNOVACI.. EUR  18.9 Delayed Quote.
PROSEGUR COMPAÑÍA.. EUR  2.606 Delayed Quote.
CODERE, S.A. EUR  0.47 Delayed Quote.
PARLEM TELECOM CO.. EUR  4.67 Delayed Quote.
BANCO SANTANDER, .. EUR  3.3135 Delayed Quote.
OBRASCÓN HUARTE L.. EUR  0.648 Delayed Quote.
MAKING SCIENCE GR.. EUR  28.5 Delayed Quote.
UNIDATA S.P.A. EUR  45.6 Delayed Quote.
COMPAGNIA DEI CAR.. EUR  4.25 Delayed Quote.
REEVO S.P.A. EUR  16.25 Delayed Quote.
TECHNOGYM S.P.A. EUR  10.19 Delayed Quote.
DEA CAPITAL S.P.A.. EUR  1.376 Delayed Quote.
IMMOBILIARE GRAND.. EUR  4.055 Delayed Quote.
RATTI S.P.A. EUR  3.72 Delayed Quote.
EDISON S.P.A. EUR  1.37 Delayed Quote.
NEOSPERIENCE S.P... EUR  6.22 Delayed Quote.
IERVOLINO & LADY .. EUR  3.58 Delayed Quote.
CTAC N.V. EUR  4.3 Real-time Quote.
RANDSTAD N.V. EUR  63.3 Real-time Quote.
BE SEMICONDUCTOR .. EUR  69.98 Real-time Quote.
AMSTERDAM COMMODI.. EUR  23.85 Real-time Quote.
SLIGRO FOOD GROUP.. EUR  24.25 Real-time Quote.
INTERTRUST N.V. EUR  13.26 Real-time Quote.
CORBION N.V. EUR  40.22 Real-time Quote.
HOLLAND COLOURS N.. EUR  160 Real-time Quote.
ARCELORMITTAL EUR  27 Real-time Quote.
ESG CORE INVESTME.. EUR  9.61 Real-time Quote.
SIPEF EUR  59.3 Real-time Quote.
BIOTALYS EUR  6.76 Real-time Quote.
TELENET GROUP HOL.. EUR  33.1 Real-time Quote.
ORANGE BELGIUM S... EUR  19.74 Real-time Quote.
AZELIS GROUP NV EUR  27.5 Real-time Quote.
FLORIDIENNE S.A. EUR  675 Real-time Quote.
MIKO N.V. EUR  107 Real-time Quote.
ELIA GROUP NV/SA EUR  99.6 Real-time Quote.
IEP INVEST NV EUR  8.9 Real-time Quote.
CAMPINE NV EUR  38.8 Real-time Quote.
NEL ASA NOK  16.75 Real-time Quote.
AKASTOR ASA NOK  6.3 Real-time Quote.
BERGEN CARBON SOL.. NOK  41.05 Real-time Quote.
REC SILICON ASA NOK  13.14 Real-time Quote.
CLOUDBERRY CLEAN .. NOK  17.84 Real-time Quote.
KOMPLETT BANK ASA NOK  7.57 Real-time Quote.
STRONGPOINT ASA NOK  26.7 Real-time Quote.
NORDIC SEMICONDUC.. NOK  247 Real-time Quote.
TREASURE ASA NOK  15.35 Real-time Quote.
OLAV THON EIENDOM.. NOK  182.4 Real-time Quote.
GENOVIS AB (PUBL... SEK  83 Delayed Quote.
CHRISTIAN BERNER .. SEK  34.2 Delayed Quote.
AVENSIA AB (PUBL) SEK  17.05 Delayed Quote.
SWEDBANK AB SEK  189.98 Delayed Quote.
DUNI AB (PUBL) SEK  119.2 Delayed Quote.
GOMSPACE GROUP AB.. SEK  12.64 Delayed Quote.
K2A KNAUST & ANDE.. SEK  74 Delayed Quote.
GRÄNGES AB (PUBL) SEK  97.65 Delayed Quote.
FINGERPRINT CARDS.. SEK  19.37 Delayed Quote.
NELLY GROUP AB (P.. SEK  29.55 Delayed Quote.
TIKKURILA OYJ EUR  34.8 Delayed Quote.
ENENTO GROUP OYJ EUR  37.6 Delayed Quote.
SKARTA GROUP OYJ EUR  0.518 Delayed Quote.
FODELIA OYJ EUR  8.2 Delayed Quote.
VAISALA OYJ EUR  46.1 Delayed Quote.
HUHTAMÄKI OYJ EUR  36.99 Delayed Quote.
EVLI BANK PLC EUR  23.1 Delayed Quote.
OUTOKUMPU OYJ EUR  5.17 Delayed Quote.
NURMINEN LOGISTIC.. EUR  1.33 Delayed Quote.
STORA ENSO OYJ EUR  14.285 Delayed Quote.
CHINA TING GROUP .. HKD  0.335 End-of-day quote.
SINOMAX GROUP LIM.. HKD  0.25 End-of-day quote.
YTO EXPRESS (INTE.. HKD  3.55 End-of-day quote.
WENLING ZHEJIANG .. HKD  5.2 End-of-day quote.
PICO FAR EAST HOL.. HKD  1.26 End-of-day quote.
BANK OF JINZHOU C.. HKD  1.77 End-of-day quote.
BANK OF TIANJIN C.. HKD  3.06 End-of-day quote.
JU TENG INTERNATI.. HKD  1.27 End-of-day quote.
HOMELAND INTERACT.. HKD  1.54 End-of-day quote.
ESUN HOLDINGS LIM.. HKD  0.6 End-of-day quote.
ELMO SOFTWARE LIM.. AUD  5.46 End-of-day quote.
ENERO GROUP LIMIT.. AUD  3.38 End-of-day quote.
TNG LIMITED AUD  0.105 End-of-day quote.
APOLLO CONSOLIDAT.. AUD  0.59 End-of-day quote.
DROPSUITE LIMITED AUD  0.27 End-of-day quote.
ALLEGIANCE COAL L.. AUD  0.49 End-of-day quote.
ORION MINERALS LI.. AUD  0.0245 End-of-day quote.
OPTISCAN IMAGING .. AUD  0.215 End-of-day quote.
COOPER ENERGY LIM.. AUD  0.29 End-of-day quote.
PEPPER MONEY LIMI.. AUD  2.44 End-of-day quote.
CORE CORPORATION JPY  1700 End-of-day quote.
FUKUVI CHEMICAL I.. JPY  663 End-of-day quote.
KOYOU RENTIA CO.,.. JPY  1817 End-of-day quote.
V-CUBE, INC. JPY  1829 End-of-day quote.
TAKANO CO.,LTD. JPY  785 End-of-day quote.
LIFE FOODS CO., L.. JPY  1656 End-of-day quote.
CDG CO., LTD. JPY  1474 End-of-day quote.
SAKURASAKU PLUS C.. JPY  1863 End-of-day quote.
NATOCO CO., LTD. JPY  1692 End-of-day quote.
CHIYODA UTE CO., .. JPY  391 End-of-day quote.

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