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Top / Flop Gainers / Losers

779 Top Flop 4263
AFRICAN DISCOVERY.. USD  0.1299 Delayed Quote.73.20%
ROADRUNNER TRANSP.. USD  5 End-of-day quote.66.67%
MAXX SPORTS TV IN.. USD  2.38 Delayed Quote.58.67%
AMAO BIOS USD  0.748 End-of-day quote.49.00%
BLACK ROCK PETROL.. USD  2 Delayed Quote.39.86%
LUX AMBER, CORP. USD  0.2501 Delayed Quote.-95.00%
STRATOS RENEWABLE.. USD  0.54 Delayed Quote.-41.87%
ATLANTIS INTERNET.. USD  0.0048 Delayed Quote.-30.43%
HYZON MOTORS INC. USD  6.63 Delayed Quote.-28.01%
TARONIS FUELS, IN.. USD  2.6 Delayed Quote.-27.78%
184 Top Flop 726
SOUTHGOBI RESOURC.. CAD  0.95 Delayed Quote.216.67%
CWC ENERGY SERVIC.. CAD  0.17 Delayed Quote.25.93%
ARIANNE PHOSPHATE.. CAD  0.42 Delayed Quote.20.00%
URBANIMMERSIVE IN.. CAD  0.94 Delayed Quote.17.50%
GLOBALBLOCK DIGIT.. CAD  0.76 Delayed Quote.16.92%
WESTERN URANIUM &.. CAD  2.77 Delayed Quote.-16.06%
INNOCAN PHARMA CO.. CAD  1.11 Delayed Quote.-15.91%
VENTRIPOINT DIAGN.. CAD  0.51 Delayed Quote.-15.00%
RYAH GROUP, INC. CAD  0.115 Delayed Quote.-11.54%
RESAAS SERVICES I.. CAD  0.78 Delayed Quote.-11.36%
226 Top Flop 749
PANTHEON RESOURCE.. GBX  75 Delayed Quote.20.19%
HURRICANE ENERGY .. GBX  4.65 Delayed Quote.17.72%
OCTOPUS TITAN VCT.. GBX  108.5 Delayed Quote.13.61%
JERSEY OIL AND GA.. GBX  176 Delayed Quote.11.39%
ANGLO ASIAN MININ.. GBX  130 Delayed Quote.9.24%
THE GO-AHEAD GROU.. GBX  769.5 Delayed Quote.-24.93%
HEIQ PLC GBX  101 Delayed Quote.-24.06%
ASEANA PROPERTIES.. USD  0.28 Delayed Quote.-9.68%
VENTURE LIFE GROU.. GBX  51 Delayed Quote.-8.93%
FERRO-ALLOY RESOU.. GBX  28 Delayed Quote.-8.20%
75 Top Flop 317
LIMINAL BIOSCIENC.. EUR  2.075 Delayed Quote.21.63%
JDC GROUP AG EUR  24.5 Delayed Quote.17.79%
LEHNER INVESTMENT.. EUR  1.1 Delayed Quote.10.00%
HOLIDAYCHECK GROU.. EUR  2.54 Delayed Quote.9.96%
468 SPAC I SE EUR  11.81 Delayed Quote.4.79%
DEFI TECHNOLOGIES.. EUR  1.0354 Delayed Quote.-11.50%
FOX E-MOBILITY AG EUR  0.85 End-of-day quote.-10.53%
KETAMINEONE CAPIT.. EUR  0.75 Delayed Quote.-10.18%
GIGASET AG EUR  0.33 Delayed Quote.-9.34%
CENTROTHERM INTER.. EUR  6 Delayed Quote.-9.09%
76 Top Flop 302
ALAN ALLMAN ASSOC.. EUR  19.7 Real-time Quote.17.96%
CATANA GROUP EUR  6.04 Real-time Quote.7.86%
LES HÔTELS BAVERE.. EUR  57.5 Real-time Quote.6.48%
ESSO S.A.F. EUR  11.5 Real-time Quote.5.02%
IMPULSE FITNESS S.. EUR  5.93 Real-time Quote.4.96%
FOCUS HOME INTERA.. EUR  49.2 Real-time Quote.-10.71%
IPSOS EUR  38.6 Real-time Quote.-9.60%
ENVEA EUR  111 Real-time Quote.-7.88%
MOULINVEST EUR  31.4 Real-time Quote.-7.65%
QUADIENT S.A. EUR  21.98 Real-time Quote.-7.41%
22 Top Flop 94
NATURHOUSE HEALTH.. EUR  1.95 Delayed Quote.6.27%
GRUPO ORTIZ PROPE.. EUR  15.5 Delayed Quote.4.73%
NH HOTEL GROUP, S.. EUR  3.44 Delayed Quote.4.08%
ENERGÍA, INNOVACI.. EUR  16 Delayed Quote.3.23%
MEDIA INVESTMENT .. EUR  7.85 Delayed Quote.1.95%
FLUIDRA, S.A. EUR  33.55 Delayed Quote.-8.58%
DURO FELGUERA, S... EUR  0.96 Delayed Quote.-6.80%
DISTRIBUIDORA INT.. EUR  0.0151 Delayed Quote.-6.79%
HOLALUZ-CLIDOM, S.. EUR  12.05 Delayed Quote.-5.49%
GRENERGY RENOVABL.. EUR  31.55 Delayed Quote.-4.97%
30 Top Flop 209
DANIELI & C. OFFI.. EUR  25.3 Delayed Quote.8.58%
OPENJOBMETIS S.P... EUR  12.1 Delayed Quote.3.42%
DIGITAL BROS S.P... EUR  29.34 Delayed Quote.1.52%
CENTRALE DEL LATT.. EUR  3.47 Delayed Quote.1.46%
OFFICINA STELLARE.. EUR  14.8 Delayed Quote.1.37%
DIGITAL360 S.P.A. EUR  4.54 Delayed Quote.-12.36%
REPLY S.P.A. EUR  157.3 Delayed Quote.-9.91%
CY4GATE S.P.A. EUR  10.84 Delayed Quote.-9.52%
LABOMAR S.P.A. EUR  12.45 Delayed Quote.-9.45%
EVISO S.P.A. EUR  2.57 Delayed Quote.-8.54%
10 Top Flop 71
ENVIPCO HOLDING N.. EUR  2.074 Real-time Quote.3.67%
FLOW TRADERS N.V. EUR  33.88 Real-time Quote.2.23%
PEGASUS ACQUISITI.. EUR  10 Real-time Quote.2.04%
VAN LANSCHOT KEMP.. EUR  26.6 Real-time Quote.1.92%
FASTNED B.V. EUR  53.5 Real-time Quote.1.90%
ASML HOLDING N.V. EUR  665.2 Real-time Quote.-7.21%
ALFEN N.V. EUR  88.9 Real-time Quote.-5.58%
ADYEN N.V. EUR  2500.5 Real-time Quote.-5.43%
BE SEMICONDUCTOR .. EUR  71.72 Real-time Quote.-5.06%
EUROCOMMERCIAL PR.. EUR  18.96 Real-time Quote.-4.68%
22 Top Flop 71
ACCENTIS NV EUR  0.061 Real-time Quote.3.39%
VASTNED BELGIUM EUR  30.9 Real-time Quote.3.00%
TESSENDERLO GROUP.. EUR  32.9 Real-time Quote.2.17%
MITHRA PHARMACEUT.. EUR  19.14 Real-time Quote.2.03%
BIOTALYS EUR  7.2 Real-time Quote.1.98%
LOTUS BAKERIES NV EUR  5150 Real-time Quote.-8.20%
MELEXIS N.V. EUR  92.9 Real-time Quote.-5.78%
COFINIMMO EUR  130.5 Real-time Quote.-5.02%
BREDERODE S.A. EUR  111.4 Real-time Quote.-4.46%
MONTEA EUR  114.8 Real-time Quote.-4.17%
73 Top Flop 150
KLAVENESS COMBINA.. NOK  54 Real-time Quote.8.87%
ARCHER LIMITED NOK  4.3 Real-time Quote.8.86%
OCEAN SUN AS NOK  19.2 Real-time Quote.8.11%
ELOP AS NOK  5 Real-time Quote.7.64%
OKEA ASA NOK  20.4 Real-time Quote.5.97%
PRYME B.V. NOK  30 Real-time Quote.-11.76%
KAHOOT! ASA NOK  56.1 Real-time Quote.-9.52%
STATT TORSK AS NOK  2.4 Real-time Quote.-7.67%
ZWIPE AS NOK  30.68 Real-time Quote.-6.18%
EVERFUEL A/S NOK  46.76 Real-time Quote.-6.14%
43 Top Flop 441
KANCERA AB (PUBL) SEK  9.4 Delayed Quote.9.30%
MOMENT GROUP AB SEK  1.174 Delayed Quote.6.92%
Q-LINEA AB (PUBL) SEK  127.4 Delayed Quote.6.34%
BIOARCTIC AB (PUB.. SEK  143 Delayed Quote.5.61%
MANGOLD FONDKOMMI.. SEK  4540 Delayed Quote.5.09%
GENERIC SWEDEN AB SEK  99 Delayed Quote.-12.85%
SYNTHETICMR AB (P.. SEK  66.4 End-of-day quote.-11.23%
ELOS MEDTECH AB (.. SEK  295 Delayed Quote.-10.88%
IMMUNOVIA AB (PUB.. SEK  121 Delayed Quote.-10.37%
GENOVIS AB (PUBL... SEK  55.4 Delayed Quote.-9.77%
10 Top Flop 114
TALENOM OYJ EUR  13.84 Delayed Quote.2.22%
NURMINEN LOGISTIC.. EUR  1.15 Delayed Quote.1.77%
SKARTA GROUP OYJ EUR  0.528 Delayed Quote.1.54%
FODELIA OYJ EUR  8 Delayed Quote.1.01%
APETIT OYJ EUR  13.3 Delayed Quote.0.76%
QT GROUP OYJ EUR  142.2 Delayed Quote.-10.90%
MUSTI GROUP OYJ EUR  29.88 Delayed Quote.-8.00%
TOIVO GROUP OYJ EUR  2.59 Delayed Quote.-7.50%
NIGHTINGALE HEALT.. EUR  3.68 Delayed Quote.-7.07%
SPINNOVA OYJ EUR  12.2 Delayed Quote.-6.87%
799 Top Flop 390
CHINA RENEWABLE E.. HKD  0.405 End-of-day quote.22.73%
HUABANG TECHNOLOG.. HKD  0.149 End-of-day quote.22.13%
LAPCO HOLDINGS LI.. HKD  1.2 End-of-day quote.18.81%
CHINA SHUIFA SING.. HKD  2.37 End-of-day quote.17.91%
WINDMILL GROUP LI.. HKD  0.66 End-of-day quote.17.86%
SIHUAN PHARMACEUT.. HKD  1.46 End-of-day quote.-17.98%
YESASIA HOLDINGS .. HKD  1.38 End-of-day quote.-14.81%
KASEN INTERNATION.. HKD  0.59 End-of-day quote.-14.49%
STRAWBEAR ENTERTA.. HKD  2.4 End-of-day quote.-13.04%
ANXIAN YUAN CHINA.. HKD  0.196 End-of-day quote.-10.09%
247 Top Flop 520
LI-S ENERGY LIMIT.. AUD  2.33 End-of-day quote.174.12%
TUAS LIMITED AUD  1.34 End-of-day quote.31.37%
KINGSGATE CONSOLI.. AUD  1.465 End-of-day quote.20.08%
TORO ENERGY LIMIT.. AUD  0.033 End-of-day quote.17.86%
ATOMO DIAGNOSTICS.. AUD  0.355 End-of-day quote.16.39%
GREAT BOULDER RES.. AUD  0.16 End-of-day quote.-21.95%
NOVA MINERALS LIM.. AUD  0.115 End-of-day quote.-20.69%
METALSTECH LIMITE.. AUD  0.515 End-of-day quote.-15.57%
NEUROSCIENTIFIC B.. AUD  0.45 End-of-day quote.-12.62%
CYPRIUM METALS LI.. AUD  0.215 End-of-day quote.-10.42%
1136 Top Flop 1428
JNS HOLDINGS INC. JPY  586 End-of-day quote.13.35%
JUTEC HOLDINGS CO.. JPY  1264 End-of-day quote.12.26%
SUGIMURA WAREHOUS.. JPY  870 End-of-day quote.11.83%
JAPAN LIVING WARR.. JPY  3295 End-of-day quote.10.09%
J TRUST CO., LTD. JPY  529 End-of-day quote.9.98%
HYAS&CO. INC. JPY  233 End-of-day quote.-19.66%
GREENS CO.,LTD. JPY  485 End-of-day quote.-17.09%
KAWASAKI KISEN KA.. JPY  6690 End-of-day quote.-14.45%
TAMAI STEAMSHIP C.. JPY  2567 End-of-day quote.-13.19%
SAKAI OVEX CO.,LT.. JPY  3805 End-of-day quote.-13.13%

Set on 2021-09-28 21:07:35